2014-2015 Leaders

President & Acting Director—Craig Chinchilla Jr.

Contact: Craig@speechanddebateusa.com

Craig Chinchilla Jr. is a senior in high school.  This season is his fifth year competing in NCFCA. 

He has competed at the Regional Invitational level in Impromptu, Persuasive, and Informative. 

He has also competed in Team Policy debate throughout his years in NCFCA.  His placements include winning 24th place Team Policy Speaker at the IL Qualifier, the largest of the 2013-2014 season.  Craig and his partner were Octafinalists at the 2013 NCFCA Region VI Regional Invitational.  In 2014, Craig

and his partner were again Octafinalists and missed qualifying to the National Championship by two slots.  Craig has also remained active as a  leader and participant in other activities, throughout high school.  He is an avid trumpet player, having performed with the Youth Symphony of DuPage (one of the most rigorous in the Chicagoland suburbs) and numerous other groupsHe is also a motivated cross-country runner, and is the Team Captain of the Bryant Lions varsity cross-country team.  Craig has also volunteered at the DuPage County Fair, as well as winning several vegetable and craft awards in the Home Economics Division, including Woodworking Champion.  


Speech and Debate USA is a student-run speech and debate club.  The leadership is divided between the President & Acting Director, Regional Directors, and State Leaders.





Region I Director

Contact: RegionI@speechanddebateusa.com

Region II Director

Contact: RegionII@speechanddebateusa.com

Region III Director

Contact: RegionIII@speechanddebateusa.com

Region IV Director

Contact: RegionIV@speechanddebateusa.com

Region V Director

Contact: RegionV@speechanddebateusa.com

Region VI Director

Contact: RegionVI@speechanddebateusa.com 

Region VII Director

Contact: RegionVII@speechanddebateusa.com

Region VIII Director

Contact: RegionVIII@speechanddebateusa.com 

Region IX Director

Contact: RegionIX@speechanddebateusa.com 

Region X Director

Contact: RegionX@speechanddebateusa.com